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Sensory Rooms (Black & White)


Our sense of smell, taste, touch, sight and sound provide the foundation for our understanding and actions. It is only when one or a number of these senses are impaired that parts of the world around us become less accessible and our understanding is diminished.
This is why Happy Days has the dedicated aim of helping to enrich and improve the quality of life of Special Needs children with our unique approach to Sensory Play. Sensory Rooms can meet a wide range of needs; from encouraging positive reactions for those with sensory impairment to promoting rest and relaxation for the agitated or stressed.

The Sensory Rooms will support interaction, discovery and communication. They will enable learning and development through increased awareness of surroundings. These environments encourage stimulation of the senses including sight, sound, touch and smell.

Overhead tracking in these rooms will allow wheelchair users easy access to all the facilities.

Our White Room

This sensory room will be furnished with thick white mattress flooring and will incorporate a bubble tube, mirror ball, fibre optic strands, infinity light panel and CD player.

Different scenes, pictures and panoramas projected onto the wall will help create different mood settings.

Sensory White Room
Sensory Black Room

Our Black Room

In the Black Room UV lighting and computer generated sounds and pictures can be used to stimulate memories, emotions and feelings as well as promoting interactive learning experiences.

Here you can relax on the mattress, enjoy using spot lamps and create your own lighting effects, while budding music conductors can change the tone of a note by breaking a musical light beam at different heights.

Everyone will enjoy this room that is illuminated by ultra violet lighting which is particularly suitable for those with a visual impairment. The luminous atmosphere is enhanced with UV fibre optics, glow sticks, mirrors and carpeting. A vibrating seat is connected to a sound system to enable reverberations to be felt through the body.

This room also includes:
o A moveable shimmering fibre optic curtain
o Bubble tube
o Mood lighting
o Black Mattress Floor cushioning

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